Initiated in MARCH 2020, CULTUREPEDIA is a registered trademark of the CULTUREPEDIA company based in Luxembourg.

CULTUREPEDIA develops and markets board games focused on the cultures and traditions of the world. It also works to safeguard intangible cultural heritage on the four continents.

CULTUREPEDIA is continually developing board games for your enjoyment. Currently, we offer cultural books in the form of card games.
Cultural motifs (original traditional fabrics) are printed on the back of the cards. The content of the playing cards is very specific. All known figurines of classic card games have been removed, and replaced by cultural images and symbols, and explanatory and descriptive texts. Thus, you discover authentic cultures by playing CULTUREPEDIA cards.
Various collections are available, including the OBOM, TOGHU and NDOP collection. Visit our store to find out more!
CULTUREPEDIA offers you a fun and innovative way to travel and discover cultures of the world. Gambling is the best way to learn, and card games are popular and accessible to all.

We develop educational products and board games with strong symbolic, historical, artisanal and cultural value. CULTUREPEDIA products are characterized by a fair balance between the leisure function, the educational function and the utility function.

We transmit and perpetuate the cultural heritage of humanity, and facilitate a reconnection with the original identity and cultural heritage.

The CULTUREPEDIA project is the result of a creative approach. Creativity is the primary essence of all the products offered by our team.
We try every day to push our creative limits to the best of our ability, in order to bring you great products.

The Culturepedia commitment is in constant search of cultural partnerships, and is committed to causes shared by all communities around the world, aimed at promoting and perpetuating cultures and traditions.

Quality of information
Close collaboration with chiefdoms, museums and cultural heritage experts enables us to collect and verify information at source, before its use and dissemination.
We attach great importance to the quality of the information used in our creations.

The promotion of cultural heritage
Culturepedia is :

  • A particular investment in field research on 4 continents
  • A work of control and synthesis of information
  • and a creation of fun and original games, combining both educational and leisure functions.

We attach great importance to the safeguarding and promotion of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

  • Anything that degrades culture shortens the roads that lead to servitude! Camus
  • “Children are the custodians of a nation’s cultural identity. If you want to make your crops disappear, then don’t pass them on to your children!  Remarque
  • Culture is not what remains when you have forgotten everything, but on the contrary, what remains to be known when you have not been taught anything.  VILAR
  • Culture is one of the most important levers to activate to rehabilitate and revive the economy while producing meaning.
  • A man without culture looks like a zebra without stripes.
  • Culture is the very possibility of creating, renewing and sharing values, the inspiration which increases the vitality of humanity.
    African proverbs

Our partnerships make the difference – they are the key to the success of this project

Together in search of the correct information, we favor an integrated approach to create and maintain our partnerships. Libraries, cultural associations, traditional chiefdoms and cultural experts are our main allies. We are constantly looking for partners and remain at your disposal for a possible partnership.
In addition, BUSINESS PARTNERS are also welcome. Do you identify with the Culturepedia project and products, and would like to represent our products within your community?
Contact us through the contact menu.



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